Elite Sheds - Standard Features

Elite Shed With Garage Door
Elite Shed With Cupola
Standard Elite Shed
Elite Shed Dormer

When it comes to outdoor structures, you can't beat our Elite Shed series.  This shed is amazing!  It's high wall height steep roof pitch, make it an excellent shed to put a loft in or if you get an Elite Dutch, a complete second floor!  This shed will truly stand out from other sheds!

Available Styles: 8 pitch A-Frame, 12 Pitch A-Frame, Dutch, Quaker

Our Elite Shed Series comes standard with:

Wall Height                  7’9”                             

Windows         Two “E” 24x36

A-frame roof pitch      8 or 12                          

Hinges             10” Antique

Quaker roof pitch        10 / 8  1/2                    

Two 12x14 Gable vents & vented soffit

Dutch roof pitch          21 / 7                          

Rectangle double door with Arch trim or transom window

Drip Edge                                                       

Door height 79 ½”

12” Gable Overhangs                                    

Tar Paper on Roof

1x3 Trim

Tar Paper & 30yr Architectural asphalt shingles for roofing is included with Manor Series sheds

Pressure Treated Floor

House Wrap for Vinyl Sheds

For Pricing on a specific size shed, Please click on the Contact us at the top of the page!

For standard features of other shed styles click on the tab "shed standard features" below. (more features to come)