Rent to Own Your Shed

Rent to own

Need to buy a shed but don't have the money?

Or, Tired of "wasting" money on a storage unit?

At Stoltzfus Outdoor Living we offer Rent-to-own!  With rent to own, BLI rentals will buy the shed that you want and we will deliver it to your house!  You then can store your things right at your own house and simply make payments on your shed!  No more driving to the storage lot every time you need something out of it.  You will have quick and easy access to it, right in your backyard.  If you cannot make the payments or you decide you do not need the shed anymore you can cut off the payments and we will come pick it back up!  If you continue making the shed payments, once they are all paid the shed will be yours! 

This is a lot better then paying for a storage unit that eventually will not become yours!  To see if you qualify, just go to our products sections and click the tab "Rent-to-Own" to see if you qualify to rent a shed.  We do not do credit checks.  Just simply fill out the questions to build up points.  If you earn enough points then you can buy a shed using rent-to-own!

We also offer rent to own on:

Portable Storage Sheds
Portable Gazebos
Portable Playhouses
Portable Play Sets
Portable Live Stock Buildings (Chicken Coops, Run-In-Sheds)