Storage Shed in md
Posted On: March 31, 2015
The Patriot Shed is an awesome choice for a shed if you like a a high wall height (6'9'') but are not as concerned about the roof pitch.  The Patriot comes at an afforadable price with a classic look! Available styles: A-Frame, Quaker Our Patriot Shed Series comes standard with: 5” Gable Overhangs Rectangle doors w/choice of transom window or arch trim, 74”tall Two “B” windows 18x27 6” T-hinges...
Manor Shed With 3 T Dormer
Posted On: March 27, 2015
The Manor is a very popular shed that comes with some of the best features available.  Although not as tall as an Elite Shed, The Manor still has a 7'4'' wall height and comes with a better price tag then the Elite.  You are sure to not be disappointed with this beautiful shed! Available styles: A-Frame, Quaker, Dutch Our Elite Shed Series comes standard with: Wall Height                  7’4” A-...
Elite Shed With Garage Door
Posted On: March 27, 2015
When it comes to outdoor structures, you can't beat our Elite Shed series.  This shed is amazing!  It's high wall height steep roof pitch, make it an excellent shed to put a loft in or if you get an Elite Dutch, a complete second floor!  This shed will truly stand out from other sheds! Available Styles: 8 pitch A-Frame, 12 Pitch A-Frame, Dutch, Quaker Our Elite Shed Series comes standard with:...
Shed Sketch Up
Posted On: March 26, 2015
Want to be able to completely visualize your custom shed, BEFORE its built?   At Stoltzfus Outdoor Living we have experts that can create your shed using sketch up to help you figure out just what you are looking for.  This can be vary helpful when it comes to custom things that you were not able to see in a catalog.  Just like the example in this post, we can sketch up your smaller shed or...
Rent to own
Posted On: March 24, 2015
Need to buy a shed but don't have the money? Or, Tired of "wasting" money on a storage unit? At Stoltzfus Outdoor Living we offer Rent-to-own!  With rent to own, BLI rentals will buy the shed that you want and we will deliver it to your house!  You then can store your things right at your own house and simply make payments on your shed!  No more driving to the storage lot every time you need...